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A visual representation of someone left out of a meeting as part of a leadership call to action
I'm here to help you take your seat.

Build confidence and increase your credibility as a leader
Find clarity and follow your purpose to fuel
your comms & marketing career
  My one-to-one coaching enables and empowers you to:
  • Succeed and thrive in your leadership role
  • Lead authentically - with impact and credibility  
  • Gain the confidence to take your seat at the table
  • Lead your organisation effectively, beyond Comms & Mktg
  • Position yourself for a fulfilling and sustainable career


Louise Thompson, leadership coach for communications professionals

​I use established coaching models to help you: 

  • Understand who you are as a leader - what motivates you & what it feels like to be led by you

  • Explore your strengths and challenges in a safe space, with protected time for honest reflection

  • Close the gap between manager and leader, building on your technical / functional excellence with effective leadership skills

  • Build confidence and credibility in your approach, enabling you to lead authentically & with impact


Prices start at £600.00 for 3 sessions (with discounts built in for blocks of 6 and 12 - there are also payment plans available.) Coaching is an investment in your future and it rewards commitment, so most people find a block of sessions most helpful in order to work towards their goals. However, i'm happy to tailor packages to your needs on your free strategy call.

I now also offer two new services - email/voice note coaching support and interview strategy prep for senior job seekers. See options 4 and 5 below. 

Coming in Jan and Feb 2024 - group coaching programmes. Pls enquire for more details. 

Option 1: 3 session coachinpackage

3 sessions over 1.5 months (every two weeks)

1 session of x1.5 hrs, 2 sessions of x 1 hr

Includes email support, learning resources, progress check-in


Option 2: 6 session coaching package 

6 sessions over 3 months (every two weeks)

2 sessions of x1.5 hrs4 sessions of x1 hr

Includes email support, learning resources, progress check-in x2


Option 3: 12 session coaching package

12 sessions over 6 months (every two weeks)

3 sessions of x1.5 hrs, 9 sessions of x1 hr

Includes email support, learning resources, progress check-in x4


Option 4: Interview strategy coaching for senior job seekers

2 sessions of focused support for leadership interviews

Includes "done for you" value proposition statement for you as a

viable and valuable leadership candidate 


Option 5: email or Voxer (voice note) coaching support (from £295)

Incl. 1×30 minute coaching call

Monthly basis (one month or retained basis)

Email / voice note support to help you navigate specific challenges at work

Parameters & investment defined on discussion

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