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Like A Boss

Learn the secrets of effective communication so you can

overcome imposter syndrome and lead with impact 

With Louise Thompson, leadership coach and
former Director of Communications

Do you struggle with communicating effectively at work?
Are you scared you will be overlooked as a result?
Do you want to find your authentic leadership voice?

Show me a great leader who isn't a great communicator. It's an essential business skill.

In this new online course, I'm sharing my expertise from a 20+ year in corporate communications in an easily accessible and digestible format. Over just three weeks, you'll improve the way you communicate and engage with people at work, and find your authentic leadership voice. 

The next cohort starts on Thursday, December 7th - sign up now to supercharge your communications skills.

Louise Thompson, leadership coach helping you communicate more effectively at work.

During this online course, you will learn:

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