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A picture of Louise Thompson, leadership and career coach at Louise Thompson Leadership Coaching

Louise Thompson
Leadership Coaching

Hi, I'm Louise Thompson 
As a leadership coach, I help senior communications & marketing professionals build confidence and credibility, so you can lead with impact and shape a career with purpose

  • Are you an experienced communications or marketing professional that wants to step into leadership, but are unsure about what it takes?

  • Are you experiencing imposter syndrome? Second guessing your decisions?

  • Do you struggle with articulating the work that you do in business terms? Do other leaders find it hard to see the value in what you deliver? 

  • Are you often left out of critical discussions about strategy and left wondering how you can break into the inner leadership circle?

  • Perhaps you have excellent technical skills but are struggling with the transition from "doer" to "leader"? 

Are you ready to take your seat at the table? 

A picture of Louise Thompson, leadership and career coach at Louise Thompson Leadership Coaching

Sound familiar? I've been there too.
And I'm ready to help.

As a former board-level director of Communications, I've been in your shoes.


Moving from a manager that "does comms", to an organisational leader. 

My coach helped me understand who I was as a leader. What it felt like to be led by me.

They gave me a safe space to explore my strengths and reflect on challenges.


And challenged me to dig deep - closing my "leadership gap".


Their support prevented me from flaming out. And burning out. 


Now as a qualified coach myself, I'm here to support you in the same way.

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Supercharge your leadership journey

  Are you feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of
  leadership, on top of the "day job"?
  Struggling with how to appear credible and land comms      & marketing outcomes with business impact?
  With my support, you will:
  • Feel well equipped to succeed in your leadership role
  • Gain the confidence to take your seat at the leadership
       table in a credible way 
  • Transcend your functional boundaries in order to lead
        your organisation effectively
  • Achieve clarity on your leadership style, enabling you
       to lead authentically and with impact
  • Position yourself for a fulfilling and sustainable career

You deserve support to be the best leader you can be


Louise was a fantastic coach and I found my time with her was of huge value to me both personally and professionally. I’d just started a new senior role and she helped me to reflect on and better understand my leadership style as well as identify areas for improvement and ongoing focus.


She created a safe, yet challenging coaching environment, which I thrived on, whilst always taking the time to bring me back to the specifics of my role and how I could develop and grow into it.

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